The 100 Galaxies Astrophoto Added

There has been enthusiastic response to the addition of The 100 Galaxies Astrophoto page. This images of the M84/M86 field of view (with the Virgo Cluster) gives you the chance to do a bit of night sky searching for deep sky objects similar to what amateur astronomers do at their eyepieces and with their astrophotos.

When you first go to the page you will see an 800 pixel wide view of the field that is sufficient to show off four bright galaxies. But if you spend a minute searching the photo you will see at least a half dozen more galaxies. But if you click on the image it will expand into a larger view. If you expand that view (click on it or stretch it) you will get a full-sized version of the image (3326 pixels across). That image will flip every five seconds to show you the plain image and then the names of 114 galaxies in the field. Have fun seeing if your eye can detect them all.

If you click on The 100 Galaxies Astrophoto page link at the top of this page you will be taken to a page where you can expand the astrophoto and it will show the names of the galaxies every five seconds

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